Interested in starting a ketamine practice?

If you've landed on this website, you must be toying with the idea of starting your own outpatient ketamine practice.  Or, maybe you are considering adding ketamine services to your existing practice.  Either way - Welcome!  

Ketamine has

been in the news quite a bit lately.

The discovery that ketamine could be a life-saving therapy for those suffering from chronic, refractory mental health conditions has been amazing.  As a result, many physicians are choosing to offer this valuable service.  


​However, the decision to provide this amazing treatment should not be an easy one for any clinician as many things need to be considered.  


What things should you be thinking about?

Is the service needed in your area?

What do you need to think about to determine whether or not your clinic can survive?

What safety features will be required?

What supplies and emergency equipment will provide patients with the utmost safety?

Who can perform ketamine infusions?

Do you plan to be on-site for all treatments?  What other clinicians can help with infusions?

What conditions will you choose to treat?

Will you choose to treat mental health only?  Or will you treat chronic pain syndromes as well?

Can you pursue without risking your "day job?"

Does your contract forbid you to "moonlight?"  Better check!  You don't want to jeopardize what pays the bills.

What sort of start up funding will be required?

A new clinic will cost money.  Have you considered and budgeted for what the clinic will need to function?

Will everyone be supportive?  Not likely! 

 Other clinicians may be less than thrilled about your clinic.  Do you know why? How will you handle this? 

Appropriate patient selection, or treat them all?

Requiring referral vs not, will you need medical records? What makes a patient appropriate for treatment?

How will you begin to collect all that information?

Spend hours researching on your own, calling colleagues who may or may not know something about doing outpatient ketamine infusions.  Email or call them again when you remembered something you forgot to ask.

Sign up for an expensive online or live course when you don't even know if you want to do this yet.  For goodness sake - you're only wanting some general information not a life-long commitment or another student loan!

Purchase a 30-page document that contains general information regarding starting up a ketamine practice to help  you decide whether you want to take the next step to provide this service, or if it's just not for you.  

My 30-page PDF will answer all your preliminary questions about starting your own ketamine practice & covers topics you likely haven't thought of.

  • Will moonlighting violate your current contract?
  • Will your area/market support such a clinic?
  • Considerations when pricing your services
  • Staff required and qualifications needed
  • Considerations when it comes to finding patients
  • Deciding on growth potential to make start-up decisions
  • The usage of non-physicians providers
  • Contemplating third party payers
  • What should be in your initial budget
  • Charity and discounts
  • Start-up equipment and supplies
  • Emergency equipment needed
  • Setting up a patient room
  • Legal aspects of the practice
  • Possible clinic policies and procedures
  • Preparing for haters
  • Evaluating your "why"
  • The art of the infusion

This document is NOT:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up a ketamine practice

  • An endorsement of any medical treatments or any particular medical treatment protocols

  • A substitute for you own research and  due diligence

I decided to sit down and write this document after I began to regularly receive calls from other physicians wanting to ask me questions about setting up a ketamine practice.  While I love helping folks out, every conversation was taking a pretty good chunk of my time.  


Not only was time an issue, I never felt I could give enough information in conversation.  I always think of things later that I should have mentioned.  


This document solves that problem and contains more information than I've ever been able to give during a phone call.  

If you are ready to start researching whether a ketamine practice may be a good fit for you, simply click the button below to order the 30-page PDF.


 I guarantee this information will help

you make your decision.